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Complimentary Introductory Consultation

Achieve Your Goals

We examine what networks are doing to make a social impact today. We then strategize how we might work together to achieve your social impact goals. Book your free introductory consultation online today.

Network Coaching

Confidence and support every step of the journey

During regular phone sessions, Prof. Shumate will guide you in setting up your network, resolving conflict, setting goals, and managing change. Contact us to purchase a package or book individual appointments as needed.

Half Day Workshops

Have confidence in your decisions

Contact us to have Prof. Shumate deliver a workshop in your community. Sample workshops include: 

One size does not fit all: How understanding your social issue should determine how (and whether) you collaborate

There are many ways that organizations coordinate their activity including communities of practice, action learning teams, community-asset based development, collective impact, referral networks, and project-based networks. Which one should you choose? In this workshop, I demonstrate how a better understanding of the social issue and resources available should determine the right fit for communities. Leaders will leave this workshop knowing which network form is right for their context.

Bootcamp for network instigators

This three-hour session is designed to equip leaders who are considering creating a network (or who find themselves leading one) with the right questions to ask. Leaders will leave this workshop feeling equipped to take on the challenges of starting a social impact network.  

Network evaluation should result in more than an annual report

This three-hour session focuses on how networks can use data to not only convince funders of their social impact but also increase that social impact. We'll use examples from education, environmental, and human services networks to demonstrate these practices. Network leaders will leave this session with practical tools to evaluate their networks. More importantly, they'll leave inspired about evaluation can be a tool to improve their impact.